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Chiq tv

TCL 4K TV review.

The Changhong firm with its TCL brand enters the market with its electronic devices, for extremely attractive prices.
The brand’s 4K UHD TCL 4K TV is an inexpensive 4K TV with good performance on paper, but what is it really worth?
Let’s see it together.

(Please note that there are several sizes).


Strong points :
-Its low price.
-Its excellent quality.
-Its connection.
– 4K support.
-HDR option.


Weak points :
-Screen that sometimes freezes.
-Mediocre sound (plan an enclosure).


CHiQ U55H7L UHD 4K full review.


A superb image.

The 4K UHD TCL 4K TV provides an excellent picture without any black spots.
The 4K quality is frankly good and its VA panel allows a very satisfactory level of contrast.
Indeed the contrast displays a value of 3620: 1, which allows you to watch a movie in the dark without any worries.

4K TV also has an HDR option, an option much used today by video game players, which makes the picture even more breathtaking.
We put this option on the PS4 and we noticed a difference in the very sharp image.

The colometry is not to be outdone, for a Delta E value of 3.6, this 4K UHD TV arrives at a very controlled result.
The gamma of the 4K UHD TV is 2.24, a very very good value, and this in the default setting.


4k tv


A 4K gamer TV.

The inexpensive 4K TV from TCL also allows very good use in the gaming field.
The remanence is a little visible, value of 15 ms, so there is a slight trail behind the moving objects, even if it is not really annoying because not very visible.

In terms of display delay, the value is 34 ms, also the value is not excellent but very acceptable to be able to play video games without having problems.
A value greater than 50 ms would cause problems due to a long delay between the action with the joystick and its display on the TV screen, but on this 4K UHD TV this is not the case.


Chiq tv

Excellent ergonomics for an efficient finish.

The Chinese firm has chosen an elegant and very sober design for its television.
The screen bezel is made of shiny black plastic and the base of the screen is covered with compelling faux aluminum plastic.

4K TV takes up very little space on the TV stand, and thanks to its stable feet it is very comfortable.

The connection consists of three HDMI 2.0 inputs HDCP 2.2 and HDR compatible, two USB ports, a digital audio output, a headphone output, an Ethernet port, a PCMCIA (Common Interface CI +) port and the TNT / cable and satellite antenna sockets.
This 4K UHD TCL 4K TV also has a DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2 tuner as well as Wi-Fi.
The connectivity is therefore very complete.

The operating system is basic, but it allows access to YouTube and Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.

We have noticed that the TV sometimes freezes while browsing for a few moments, nothing serious but it can be embarrassing if it is repeated.




A fairly mediocre sound.

TCL’s TV has a fairly poor quality sound.
The base speakers produce a nasal sound and audible distortion, which can quickly tire the ear.

We therefore recommend connecting an external speaker to correct the problem and take full advantage of this TV.
This is certainly the result of the price to be able to offer a cheap 4K TV.



With its 4K UHD TCL 4K TV, the manufacturer is trying to enter the entry-level 4K TV market.
The image that this TV offers is excellent with a colometry close to the perfect value, a very good contrast thanks to the VA panel, a 4K with HDR option that works well, and a delay in the display as well as a persistence correct.
Its complete connection linked with its finish and design gives it a certain added value.

And even if, without disturbing it excessively, the 4K TV sometimes freezes during navigation for no apparent reason, its biggest black point remains the mediocre sound which almost forces a purchase of an external speaker to make the most of the television.

So you find yourself in front of a very honest 4K TV that is sold at a low price, whose price / quality ratio is excellent.
If you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV, you should take a look.


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