Apple AirPods 2: good headphones and hands-free kit


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Apple AirPods 2 review.

Apple released with this new model of Apple AirPods, wireless headphones that will not revolutionize what has already been done by the previous version came out two years earlier.
The Apple AirPods 2 therefore resemble the previous model of the brand, except for the charging case which can be wireless (optional) and its H1 chip.
But let’s see together if these new headphones deserve your interest.


Strong points :

-A hands-free kit that is very effective.
-The mediums and voices are very well restored.
-No discomfort in terms of support and comfort.
-Stable connection.
-Very good autonomy.


Weak points :

-Bad bass.
-Modest finish.


Full review Apple AirPods 2.


Very good ergonomics.

In terms of design, the new AirPods model looks exactly like the previous version, which may initially surprise new buyers.
Apple preferred to keep the same design for its headphones, which is a shame considering the time between these two models.
Next to the speaker is the microphone as well as the infrared sensors.
For comfort, this one is extremely good with no discomfort, and keeps it in the ears is perfect.

The headphones never fall off, except of course for sports and jogging.
You can connect Apple AirPods 2 with all types of Bluetooth devices, not just Apple products, which is a very good thing.



A very suitable autonomy.

In terms of duration of use, the Apple AirPods 2 are extremely good, with a figure of 6 hours, for listening with average volume.
As for charging, it only takes 15 minutes to charge for almost 3 hours.
The case supplied with allows 3 full recharges, which gives a total autonomy of around 18 hours.




Average audio quality.

First let’s see the hands-free kit.
The quality of voice capture and retransmission is extremely precise, certainly one of the best of any device of its kind.
In a calm environment, it is impossible for the caller to tell the difference between the AirPods and the microphone of the phone itself.
In a moderately noisy environment (street, restaurant …), the intelligibility of our words remains completely acceptable.
It is only in very noisy environments that the hands-free kit begins to show its limits

For music playback, the Airpds are on the other hand unconvincing, with low quality bass and shrinking treble.
By cons the mediums and voices are doing very well and we feel that Apple has favored these to the detriment of other soundtracks.
This gives an imprecise sound and an inefficient result for listening to music.


apple headphone


Opinion / Conclusion.

The Apple AirPods 2 have a recycled design but which always gives satisfaction in terms of comfort and support in the ears.
It’s simple AirPods will never fall out of your ears unless you exercise or jog hard.
The hands-free kit is perfect and does not suffer from any problem as much for listening as for voice reproduction.
Its great autonomy also makes it possible to take them everywhere without worrying about the battery, and this despite listening and use with high consumption.

Unfortunately for music listening, the AirPods Bluetooth headphones are very average and we cannot advise them if you want to make it your main use.
These AirPods 2 are therefore for those who want an excellent quality hands-free kit.



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