Western Digital hard drive:a very good product


Western Digital hard drive review

Western Digital’s hard drive is available in several versions.
Depending on your needs and the money you plan to put in it, you will have the possibility of having a version of the external hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB or even 2 TB.
But what is this product worth? We will answer them in this short review.


Strong points:
-Its good speeds: 88 MB / s in reading and 80 MB / s in writing.
-USB 3.0.
-USB power supply.
-Its very resistant shell.


Weak points:
-A bit larger than the others.


Full review Western Digital hard drive.


Very good speed.

This external hard drive has a shell that resists scratches and does not leave fingerprints.
There are several colors available, but not all of them offer all of the capabilities.

In terms of its interface, there is USB 3.0 which gives it the possibility of having bit rates three times higher than those of USB 2.0 models.

This external hard drive is fast as much in reading as in writing, with a respective speed of 88 Mo / s and 80 Mo / s.
There are faster on the market but this external hard drive is doing very well.

Its size is a little bigger than what you can find on other brands, but
it is still easily transportable in a pocket or even a bag thanks to its lightness.


The software.

Western Digital provides WD SmartWare software here. Above all, it allows you to check the health of the disk and synchronize the folders.
Getting started is simple.
You can choose to save by folder or by file type (video, music, documents, …). It’s really practical.


hard drive


Conclusion / Opinion:

Whether on phone, computer or otherwise,
we are never protect against virus problems, mishandling, or even a breakdown of our main storage unit.
In these moments, we need a backup storage unit to be able to keep our documents, photos, videos etc …

The Western Digital hard drive is a great product.
Its speed is very convincing, its storage capacity allows you to be quiet for a while, its small size allows it to be stored in a pocket or bag without problem, and its finish against fingerprints and scratches make it highly recommendable external hard drive.


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