Echo Dot Amazon review (3rd generation):very good tool for your house


Amazon echo dot


Echo Dot Amazon review.

Amazon has entered the home automation assistant market since few years with its Echo Dot range and its Alexa artificial intelligence.
This product is therefore the 3rd generation of this connected speaker, which could make us think that with the experience acquired from the previous products of the brand, Amazon could offer us a very good quality object , and that is what we are going to try to see with this review about the Echo Dot from Amazon (3rd generation).


Strong points:

-Very good finish.
-Quality materials.
– Good sound rendering.
-Convincing vocal adaptation…
-The price without the digital clock.


Weak points:

– … But sometimes voice recording is difficult.
-Price for having the digital clock.


Complete review Echo Dot (3rd generation).


Good quality materials.

This version of the Echo Dot from Amazon has a very nice cylindrical and flat shape wrapped in fabric to have a better touch and a more elegant visual aspect.
There are different colors sober enough so that you can place this connected speaker in a room without distorting it.
The controls of the Echo Dot, four in number and located above the device are physical, unlike its competitor who opted for touchscreen.




On the upper part of the speaker, two buttons allow you to increase and decrease the volume, another button to mute the microphone and the last one to talk with Alexa without saying its name.
This button can also cut Alexa’s speech if she is a little too talkative.

Of course, you can also control the Echo Dot with the voice like all connected speakers.
Whenever you interact with the voice assistant, the recognizable blue ring on Amazon’s product lights up to let you know that it’s listening and waiting for an order or question from you.
This ring turns orange when connected to the Wi-Fi network and lights red when the microphones are deactivated.

This Echo Dot includes four microphones, omnidirectional, to be able to hear orders coming from 360 °.
Regarding connectivity, the Echo Dot from Amazon has a 3.5mm mini-jack audio output allowing you to connect a speaker to the assistant if the sound of the latter is not satisfactory, because indeed this object can be used as a speaker by connecting to it via Bluetooth.

Regarding the power port, only the transformer that comes with the Amazon product can be used because it is a proprietary format, which is a shame because that previous versions can plug into a smartphone charger.

After connecting your device via Wi-Fi, download the “Alexa” application and simply add your device via it by going to the menu, “device setting” and then choosing your assistant from the products. proposed.
Which is extremely simple and fast.



Speech recognition and audio quality.

The four Echo Dot microphones around the speaker provide omnidirectional voice pickup allowing the users to question anywhere, as long as they are within earshot.

In terms of sound, the Amazon speaker has a maximum sound level of good power and its sound equalization gives a lot for bass and treble.
It’s a shame, however, that its 4cm speaker is so small because with a larger dimension it would have allowed it to be even more convincing.

Because of this, I recommend for a deep listening of music, to connect an external sound system by Bluetooth or jack output.
Importantly, the Echo Dot only allows access to Amazon Music, Prime Music, Deezer and Spotify for apps.
So you can’t listen to Google Music or Appel Music, which is a shame.



Alexa app.

The interface of this one is really well organized with all its functionalities on the same screen.
Its navigation is really very fluid, the icons are very recognizable and it makes the user experience very pleasant.

To be able to use Amazon’s voice assistant, you will need to say “Alexa” and then continue with voice control.
You will then have several possibilities such as the weather, info traffic, sports results or even questions of general culture etc …
And casually this “Alexa” is doing extremely well and sometimes with great amazement listening to her very detailed answers.

The application also allows the creation of routines.
It is in fact an automation of a sequence of personalized actions using a specific voice command that the user can define himself.
For example by saying “Alexa hello”, the assistant can give you the weather, continue with the news flash while turning on the bulbs (connected) in the bathroom.
You can also define a routine according to a specific schedule.



Conclusion / Opinion:

I bought the speaker for the site and the Echo Dot test (and also out of curiosity because it is really well rated).
Besides the beauty of the product from Amazon with its sober and really classy design, I really like the culture of “Alexa” on different subject or answers to my questions.

But also the fact of being able to make a routine to listen to the radio during a football match by saying only one word to be connected to it, to have the information the evening after work or just the weather forecast in the morning before leaving for work .
Level listening to music, I used it for small relaxation sessions (for real listening, I advise to connect an external speaker), and it works very well. This device allows a lot of things and I am sure that Amazon will put update its application in the future for even more functionality.

Its price is really inexpensive (without the digital clock which is a little more expensive), this connected speaker really does a great job and is well worth its price.
I am in any case conquered by this pebble.

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