Amazon Fire TV stick review : a must have for your TV


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Amazon Fire TV stick review.

Amazon is releasing a new Amazon Fire TV Stick, more efficient than the previous version, with the possibility if your internet connection allows it to broadcast in 4K or Ultra HD, but also to order with the Alexa voice assistant for optimal comfort.
But let’s see right away if this new object is essential


Strong points:

-Easy instalation.
-Alexa voice command.
– Streaming (Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube…)


Weak points:

-Sometimes the image freezes for a few seconds for no reason.

Complete review Amazon Fire TV stick.


Easy installation.

The Fire TV Stick from Amazon is really very simple to install and configure, which is an extremely important point for those who do not wish to spend long time or who are not gifted with technological innovations.

Just plug your Stick into your HD TV, then plug its power into an electrical outlet, connect your Fire TV Stick to your internet network and you’re done.
If you do not have an Amazon account you will need to create one, however.



With Alexa, Amazon has created a connected environment with several devices.
You will be able to connect to your Echo Dot, review here if you have this speaker connected with your Stick and interact with each other.

The success of Alexa’s voice command is no longer to be proven and offers additional comfort for those who are too lazy to select a film, an application, a music or others …
This remains a gadget for many people, but it has the merit of being present and working well.


Streaming that needs to be improved.

Now that the outline is drawn, I will focus on the biggest feature of the Stick, film streaming, etc.
I must admit that overall the streaming works quite well, with good image quality and clean rendering that allows you to take full advantage of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other applications.

But alas, for some users , the image freezes for an instant ranging from a few seconds to several tens without the internet connection being the cause.
Even though this is rare, it can pose problems for immersion or even comfort.
The cause does not seem identified and I cannot say if by buying this Stick you will have the problem or not.


Conclusion / Opinion:

So to be frank with you, this Fire TV Stick from Amazon is really effective, with its many applications, its AI called Alexa, or even its ease of use.

Today’s TVs have all the apps they need, but manufacturers sometimes don’t update them, which is damaging.
With this Stick the updates will always be made and you it is always cheaper than a TNT TV tuner without in addition all the quality of the product from Amazon and Alexa.

The bad point remains the fact that sometimes the images freeze and even if it is not every hour, it gives a bad impression, especially since the internet connection is not in question.
In my opinion it is still a product to recommend if you are looking for a TV Tuner, your TV does not have the applications or for this tender Alexa, especially for the low price.
For the others, I don’t think this Stick is necessary.


Fire 1080p:


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