SmartWatch Huawei Watch GT review : Amazing watch


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SmartWatch Huawei Watch GT review.

Huawei continues to supply its products to Europe, so here comes the Chinese brand’s new SmartWatch connected watch, the Huawei Watch GT.
Can this watch that promises good performance while being little excessive convince us?
This is what we will see in this test.


Strong points :

-Its great autonomy (one week).
– Huawei Health application.
-The very reliable heart rate monitor.
-The very classy design.


Weak points :

-A somewhat limited OS.


Characteristics :

Screen size: 1.39 inch
Screen type: OLED
Dimensions: 46.5 x 46.5 x 10.6 mm
Diameter: 46.5 mm
Weight: 46g
Mobile chip: ARM Cortex-M4
Operating system: Owner
Compatibility: iOS, Android
Connectivity: Owner
Charging: dock + micro USB
SIM card: No
Battery: 420 mAh
Interchangeable strap: Yes


Complete review SmartWatch Huawei Watch GT.


Superb design.

The Watch GT offers a sober and very classy design since it takes the aesthetics of a classic needle watch, which allows it to be worn everywhere.

The watch is light, weighing 46 g, but it is quite large, which could annoy some people who prefer a more model going everywhere (there is a smaller model for these).
The Huawei Watch GT has a 1.39 inch Oled screen showing 454 by 454 px with a resolution of 326 ppi.

Despite its size, this watch can be worn very easily and is rather pleasant on the wrist.


Huawei SmartWatch


Watch interface.

For this model, the Chinese manufacturer uses its own operating system, the LiteOS.
The downside is the limited possibilities offered by this system, which however has the advantage of not getting lost in unnecessary functions.
The navigation is very simple, and you will have no problem using the Watch GT.

The first button takes you back to the home page and the second button serves as a shortcut for the activity selection menu.
An additional press on it allows you to launch the activity, which therefore gives an intuitive navigation.

Besides sports activity, we can find a history of sessions, sleep or even heart rate.
You can also see the weather, use a stopwatch, an alarm, a compass or a barometer.
There is also the possibility of reading the notifications in the menu to return to the last messages received.

But we must underline a black point, when the watch is on the wrist, it is only possible to change the dial, change the brightness, restart the device or activate the “do not disturb” mode.
Few possibilities therefore. It is necessary to go through the application to have more possibilities.

In terms of dials, the Huawei Watch GT offers 12 different, ranging from the display of a mechanical watch to a digital display.
What find your happiness.




A very good application.

Whether you are on IOS or Android, you will have to use Huawei Health, which is really clear and easy to use.
It gives access to all kinds of data collected, be it the number of steps, the history of sports sessions or sleep monitoring.
The different graphics are also quite detailed.
The Heart Rate Monitor and the built-in GPS of the Watch GT are excellent qualities.




Great autonomy.

This point is a very important data regarding connected watches, because according to people, the watch can be used every day and therefore not to be afraid that it will turn off in full use, autonomy is a thing to take into account.

With daily and intensive use, with receiving notifications, sleep monitoring, sports practice, the Huawei smartwatch lasted just over 7 days, which is extremely convincing.
To charge it with its proprietary charger, you need to count around 1h45, which is extremely fast, especially since it will last you a week after.




Conclusion / Opinion:

My opinion on this Huawei Watch GT is simple, it is a superb watch with a sober and classy design (depending on the strap chosen), a really perfect biometry and certainly one of the best to date and finally an autonomy which is just extremely rare .

I did a review about Lintelek that is here, and I said I was won over by it, but with the Huawei Watch GT, the level goes up a notch.
Of course, the prices of the two watches are very different, and so are the people concerned, but if you intend to put an equivalent sum to the Watch GT, this watch has serious arguments.

The main flaw is its lack of possibility by the fact that Huawei has decided to offer its own OS.
This is regularly updated and offers more and more options, both in terms of dial and functionality.

This SmartWatch therefore has a lot of arguments to please and the Chinese firm is proving to be a real competitor in this segment with this new product.


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