Dreams review (PS4) : you Can create your own game.




Dreams review.

New game from Media Molecule studio, creator of the famous Little Big Planet (LBP) construction and platform games, Dreams ps4 aims to go further in game creation and thus provide players with far more varied and ambitious experiences than LBP.

The game had a very long period of early access before being officially released in its final version.
Can Dreams ps4 make us dream with its beautiful promises? This is what we will see together.


Strong points :

-Its very numerous creation tools (animations, music, characters, scripts, etc.)
-His tutorials very numerous and very well explained.
-A possibility of immense creation of which only your imagination will be the limit.
-Its short solo mode but very well done with the game tools.
-His community.
-Its lifespan (planned release on PS5).


Weak points :

– A short solo mode.


Complete review Dreams.


A huge creative tool.

Dreams ps4 is a creation game, that means that the tools put in place for the players allow you to create characters, animations, sculptures, music etc… so in the end you can integrate all of this into your level.

Early access players have already been able to make really superb levels ranging from a futuristic racing simulator to the Wipeout, through semi-open games or having games for inspirations of puzzle games like Pac-man or Tetris .
The creation system is ultra complete and really allows you to do what you want but on the other hand this system proves to be very complex, and the tutorials of the game will be of a great help to understand this one.
Fortunately the tutorials are very well explained and its classified by categories.

You will also always have a help bubble when you stay on an icon for more than 2 seconds to explain its function.
Luckily, there is the possibility of remixing the other players creations such as characters, music etc … which will certainly save many people who do not have the patience or skills to create from 0 each material of the level of her dreams.

As for the graphic style, you can do whatever you want.
From the cartoon and colorful style, to that in black and white with light effects, or even in a pastel Okami style.
The options at your disposal are extremely numerous and give very impressive results.

You can also program an AI, NPC, dialogues with subtitle and voice available.

There is also the possibility of making several levels of difficulty, of putting the game in several languages etc… in short the possibilities are really enormous.

There is a thermometer system which indicates when the level is too chargey, but don’t panic because you can create a level set with just a small load between them.
A kind of semi open world is therefore possible with between each map a small loading like Dragon Ball Kakarot, whose test is available here.




Difficult commands at first.

The game is playable on PS move and on the controller.
Whatever you choose, the commands will take time to be intuitive.
It’s not the game’s fault, it’s just that this type of game is difficult to make easier to use.
All the buttons are put to contributions, and even if the PS move can allow to build can be more easily, the controller is doing very well and you will not have any problem to make your creations.


Star wars


The logic’s system.

Dreams ps4 is built on a logic’s system.
To be able to understand this system, it is essential to spend time on the tutorials to understand its perfect use.
In Dreams the script is created by connecting boxes to each other by cables.

For example to put it simply, if you want to create a character who can strike when the “square” button is pressed, you will have to place an “joystick sensor” input box to be able to analyze the keys of it, then connect with a cable the square key and the hitting action of your character.
There are a lot of gadgets in Dreams (microchip etc …).
This system is therefore quite complex and you will have to make an effort at first to understand it and to use it without embarrassment.


No man sky


A possibility to have fun without creating.

Players also have the opportunity to play the single player mode of Media Molecule, which is done with the tools provided.
This mode is quite short but allows you to see the range of possibilities ranging from cutscenes, various gameplay phases and the soundtrack.
You can also of course play the creations of other players around the world, which you can find via filters, tags, etc.

Whether it is levels, characters, sounds etc … you will easily find this while being able to remix the creations of other players.
You also have the “like” function which allows you to keep in touch with the creations that you liked, to follow the creator, etc.
Please be aware that you don’t need to subscribe to ps plus to play community games.




Conclusion / Opinion:

Dreams really allows you to create the game of your dreams, thanks to its extremely complete creation tool, thanks to the community which allows you to obtain creations already made, or even to its logic system.
Of course, it takes time to understand the mechanics and all the intricacies of the studio game, and the tutorials will be a big help for that.

But being able to finally create your game is something that the studio brilliantly offers us.
The game being planned on PS5, this gives it a lifespan of several years, and with the updates of the studio whether in creation or even on VR mode for the future, you will always have the possibility to return there to create your game little by little.


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