Huami Amazfit GTS:good Apple Watch & low price


Huami amazfit

Huami Amazfit GTS review.

Huami offers with this Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch, a watch that looks like an Apple Watch but with a much lower price.
So what is it worth? This is what we will see together.


Strong points :
-Its autonomy (around 5 days).
-Its impeccable heart rate measurement.
-Its complete application.
-Its design.


Weak points :
-Some synchronization problems.


Screen size 1.65 inch
Screen type OLED
Dimensions 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm
Weight 24.8 g
Autonomy announced 336 h
Operating system Owner
Compatibility iOS, Android
Sensor Accelerometer, heart rate monitor, GPS
Connectivity Owner
SIM card No
Battery 220 mAh
Interchangeable strap Yes


Complète review Huami Amazfit GTS.


An Apple Watch design.

Huami has clearly decided, with his Amazfit GTS smartwatch, to dance with the giant Apple’s watch, even on its design.
The Huami Amazfit GTS therefore takes the same shape as that of the American brand, that is to say a square case with its side button.

Which is not a bad thing as its design is very pretty and gives to this smartwatch perfect readability.
The watch is also very light and can therefore be worn without any discomfort, which is perfect during a sporting activity.

Regarding the finish, this watch is quite below the Apple Watch.
The Oled panel of the Amazfit GTS occupies only 53 PERCENT of the front panel, which is not much, and the case has a less convincing feel.
The low price of this watch has a role to play in this.
Good news, however, the Amazfit GTS is waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can take it with you to the pool.




A basic but effective interface.

The Huami Amazfit GTS has a different interface than that of Apple.
The home screen is customizable and has more than fifty options so everyone can find the right shoe.
You also have two shortcut screens, very practical and above all very quick to launch what we need.

On the option side, the smartwatch offers the number of steps, the PAI, the heart rate, a menu to choose the different sports, the summary of the last activities, the weather, the possibility of controlling the music, the notifications (messages etc…) , alarms, and finally watch settings.
With all its options and possibilities, this watch still has serious arguments to put on your wrist.

When it comes to notifications, all apps that send notifications are compatible with the Amazfit GTS, which is very good news.
The OLED screen is of good quality and makes the whole very readable without any worries to report.
You should still note a black dot in this whole paragraph of good things, the watch sometimes has connection problems and sometimes restarts by itself.
Too bad because otherwise this watch would have been almost perfect interface level.




A very good application.

The Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch connects with the Amazfit application which is available on IOS and Android.
It is extremely complete because it contains a large number of parameters with a clear interface which makes navigation really pleasant and intuitive.

You will be able to find there charts containing your performances and thus to be able to examine them quietly on your smartphone phone.
The parameters of this application offer many possibilities for customization ranging from notifications, calls etc.


A watch with very good performance.

The Amazfit GTS watch has sensors that can tell you your heart rate, but it also has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a light sensor and finally a GPS.
This gives the possibility of doing a sports activity without your smartphone, which is very practical.
When it comes to measuring heart rate, the Amazfit GTS smartwatch does very well with really correct measurement during your activities.

The sleep measurement is correct even if as with many watches, the Amazfit can be had and therefore add minutes of sleep to the result when this is inaccurate.




A connected watch with excellent autonomy.

The watch has a good battery, which gives it excellent autonomy, at the top of the basket for connected watches.
The Amazfit held up, despite daily use which involves receiving notifications, monitoring sleep, heart rate, sports activities, etc. 5 days.
A superb performance, which gives value to this watch, especially if we consider that the autonomy is an important data for this kind of device.


Conclusion / Opinion:

The Amazfit GTS smartwatch is offered at an extremely low price given its performance and design inspired by Apple Watch at a very high level.
In terms of price, there is little or no competition for the Huami watch.
The watch has a clear display which gives excellent navigation in the menus, but also a very good reading of the screen for notifications etc …

Its autonomy is in the group of the best with a duration of 5 days, and this despite extensive daily use.
The smartwatch is water resistant to 50 meters, practical for the swimming pool.
The many options of the watch give the number of steps, the PAI, the heart rate, a menu to choose the different sports, the summary of the last activities, the weather, the possibility of controlling the music, the notifications (messages etc…) , alarms, and finally watch settings.

It must be admitted that on this, this connected watch is without reproach.
Its numerous sensors of very good qualities which give exact figures during your sporting activities, its application which is very intuitive and complete, its personalization which offers many possibilities and its very pretty design end up making this connected watch a very good watch note.
Too bad that sometimes his synchronization problem makes him lose one point.

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