Letsfit SmartWatch: a pretty waterproof watch




Letsfit SmartWatch review.

The Letsfit smartwatch is as much a women’s smartwatch as a men’s smartwatch thanks to the different colors it offers.

The smartwatch has several advantages for sports enthusiasts, this is what we will see together.


Strong points :
-Its discreet design.
-Its tightness.
-Its good autonomy.
-Its numerous functions.
-Its good quality screen.
– Integrated GPS.


Weak points :
-A fitting sometimes a little difficult.


Characteristics :
Movements: digital
Screen: color TFT LCD
Main screen size: 40 x 19 x 11 mm
Battery capacity: 70mAh
Wrist circumference: 15.5 cm
Inside perimeter measurement: 19.5 cm
Waterproof: IP67
System requirements: iOS 7.1 or later, Android4.4 or later
Heart rate monitor: 24 hr in real time
Adjustable strap: Yes
Weight: 31.8 grams


Complete review Letsfit smartwatch.


A very discreet design.

The Letsfit smartwatch has a fairly fine design, which does not clutter the wrist with its size but also with its very light weight of just 31.8 grams.
Its design allows it to be placed in the women’s smartwatch category but also in that of men’s smartwatch.

There are 3 colors, so that everyone can find their favorite.
The watch can be worn just as well during your sport as in everyday life thanks to its elegant and slender side.
Smartwatch are today worn as much during sports as outside, and this is therefore a very important point.

The watch is equipped with a nice LCD screen which transcribes colors well whether in broad daylight, in the dark or even in water.
Indeed this Letsfit is IP67 waterproof, which allows it to follow you during your swimming session without any problem. An option that we particularly like.

Finally, this Letsfit smartwatch can be used with an IOS and Android smartphone using bluetooth.
It should all the same be pointed out that sometimes the equipment proves to be capricious, nothing too bad but we must let you know.



Good autonomy.

Another important point for a connected watch, its autonomy.
The Letsfit smartwatch has a duration of around 7 days, which allows it to be placed at the top of the basket.
We tested it continuously with different sports activities but also everyday.

This duration therefore allows its user not to worry about the load and to fully enjoy its activity.
The charge is done via a USB cable, so you can charge it with a PC, but also on mains or portable charger, which gives good flexibility.

Many functions.

The Letsfit smartwatch has several functions as well as 14 exercise modes that are very easy to configure using its mobile application.

The different modes are:
– Walking.
-The tennis.
– Badminton.
-The treadmill.

You will have noticed that this watch has a lot of sport mode to suit all categories of athletes.

The smartwatch also has 3 tracker modes but also the following functions:
-Sleep monitor.
-Measurement blood pressure.
-Measuring distance and speed thanks to its geolocation system (has integrated GPS chip).
– SMS notification, calls but also social networks (Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc …).
-The reminders.
-An alarm and a calendar.
– Camera control.

The watch is distinguished by its very complete content, both for athletes and non-athletes.




A very easy to use fitness tracker.

The Letsfit watch allows you to do fitness thanks to its tracker.
This function is very simple to configure and very practical for its user.

To do so, download the application on your smartphone and connect your watch to it via bluetooth.
The calculation of your heart rate or your steps is very precise.

To carry out this test, we carried out several run but also walk sessions, each time with other calculation equipment to verify the accuracy of the data.




Conclusion / Opinion:

The Letsfit smartwatch is a very good smartwatch which has many functions which provide precise data, whether for the heart rate, the number of steps, etc.

Its different sports modes allow it to adapt to each category of athletes, whether it is more collective or individual sport.
Its design and its different colors allows it to be a woman smartwatch and a man smartwatch at the same time.

To embellish all this, it is IP67 waterproof, which gives it the possibility of being carried in water without any worry.
Its LCD screen, although very good in terms of rendering, is sometimes finicky when it comes to touch, and sometimes you have to press several times for it to understand the order, but fortunately it is extremely rare.

But the Letsfit smartwatch has many positive points, and with its great autonomy, its integrated GPS, coupled with its price, I can only advise it.

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